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Plan your meeting

Want to bid for a conference? Decided to host a meeting in Lund? Or coordinating a conference and don't know where to begin? We are here to help you - our services and advice are free of charge.

Scientific content and practical details

Conferences and meetings require careful planning and management before, during and after the event. Scientific content is important, topics and cutting-edge areas need to be selected and the right speakers should be invited.

You have lots of practical issues to consider too, such as:

  • How many participants will come?
  • Who takes care of administration?
  • Which is the most suitable venue in Lund?
  • What about hotel rooms?
  • Who will set up a website for the conference?
  • Who takes care of the abstract process?

Don’t do all the planning yourself – call us to see how Lund Convention Bureau and partners can help you.

Step by step planning process

  1. Contact Lund Convention Bureau and tell us about your meeting. We are happy to assist you with preliminary bookings of conference rooms and hotel rooms. Need a formal bid? We have experience and templates to compile attractive bids.
  2. When you know your congress will take place in Lund, it’s time to put together a working group. Does the workload feel too big? Then we recommend you take advantage of a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer), who can manage all administration and detailed planning at a cost.
  3. The next important step is to put the scientific program and the abstract process together with the organising committee.
  4. Compile a budget and think about funding. What partners and sponsors can contribute? Can you get any support from the city, region, nationally?
  5. Marketing the meeting / conference. Who are the target groups? Which channels do you reach them by? How should you work with press and PR?

Want to know more? Book a meeting with us, or let us come and talk to your department/research team at a weekly or institution meeting.

Financial support

You can apply for financial support for your conference. For more information follow the links below: 

>> City of Lund: send an e-mail to Boel Starbrant

>> Event in Skåne / Region Skåne

>> Swedish Research Council: link to more information

>> Formas: link to more information

Other sources of income are exhibitors and sponsorships. Feel free to contact us for more information and inspiration.