Social activities

Social activities add that little extra spark to the conference. In Lund you can experience Sweden's most visited church, an open-air museum in the middle of town and the world's largest collection of sketches, models and preparatory work for Swedish and international public art.

Life in Lund combines academia with rich cultural traditions and the energy and dynamism of young students. Here we have listed the most popular social activities during conferences.

Follow the links for further information about each of them:

>> Guided tours in Lund and surroundings

>> Tour of the Cathedral of Lund

>> Tour of Kulturen – the open-air museum

>> Tour of Skissernas museum – the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art

>> Tour of the Botanical Garden

>> Tour of Flyinge Kungsgård – the national stud farm

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want more information about Lund and things to do and discover